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Soul always wants changes.
Nafs Hamesha Badlao Par Jeeta Hai.
A time being madness comes from anger.
Gussa Pagalpan Hai Par Waqti Taor Par.
We live and die on every breath.
Har Saans Par Hum Marte Hai Or Jeete Hai.
A son is born by father, but father can't give birth to son.
Beta Baap Se Paida Hota Hai, Magar Baap Bete Ko Paida Nahi Kar Sakta.
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Assalamuelikum, Mehfile-e-Hyderabad at Aastana-e-Maroof Peer ,For More Details Click here.


  • Mashaallah Jazakalla,
    All the books are of Great Knowledge and they are Free. Great Work. May allah Bless you all.for the great work

    • Irfan Sayeed
    • Dubai
  • Asssalaam Alaikum,
    Urdu and Hindi Introduction text are good and great idea .It helps us to know what's inside the book..

    • Fahim Sheikh
    • Mumbai
  • Ass-salaam -alaikum,
    Best of all the knowlege about Sufism and their thought . All good books read Dil ki Namaz,Main Kaun hu, and other are thought provoking.

    • Fahim Ansari
    • Mumbra

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