Holy Saints Always Wanted You to Be Happy, but For Your Prayer to Be Fulfilled, You Will Have To Create the Atmosphere
Politics is not bad in fact it was in hands of bad people, who misused it for their own sake and because of this it got defamed
Humans replace their small desire with the bigger one. That means small desire is always replaced when there is a big desire.
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Assalamuelikum, Ziyarat-e-Assar Mubarak-o-Tabarrukat Programme on Saturday 29 April 2017 at Aastana-e-Maroof peer ,Maddikunta Village, Sadasivpet Mandal,Dist . Sangaraddy,Telangana For More Details Click here.

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  • Mashaallah Jazakalla,
    All the books are of Great Knowledge and they are Free. Great Work. May allah Bless you all.for the great work

    • Irfan Sayeed
    • Dubai
  • Asssalaam Alaikum,
    Urdu and Hindi Introduction text are good and great idea .It helps us to know what's inside the book..

    • Fahim Sheikh
    • Mumbai
  • Ass-salaam -alaikum,
    Best of all the knowlege about Sufism and their thought . All good books read Dil ki Namaz,Main Kaun hu, and other are thought provoking.

    • Fahim Ansari
    • Mumbra

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