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Enlighment in Life

Who am I? Perhaps the answer to this question is easier than any question asked by men; it should be added quickly that it is a more difficult question to answer this is both easier and more difficult. It is easier because, if there is no answer to “Who are we?” If it is difficult to answer this, it is equally-difficult to answer other questions. If I can’t answer my question about who I am, then whom else can I know? I can get familiar with a person from the outside, but I can’t know him. I can recognize a person superficially, because I am always outside other people. I cannot enter others. No matter, how much I roam around others, I will continue to move outside them. I can get familiar with other people.

But I can’t know or understand them. If my-self knowledge is impossible or difficult, then what is easy to know? If it is difficult to know yourself, then nothing can be easy, except for illiteracy. If it is difficult to know yourself, you cannot imagine or dream about knowing anything in this world. Hence, I say that to know yourself is very easy. I also say that you don't need to go, travel, or reach anywhere to know yourself. I am there, to know my self, there is no need to dig, or make anything. I am made already.

but I must also say that to know yourself quickly is the most difficult thing. Why is it so? It is so, because we ourselves are; hence, the waves of our learning move everywhere. The waves never come onto us. Your eyes see others, but can’t see themselves. I can catch others with my hands, but they can’t catch themselves. You can grab everything with a tong, but can’t grab it. But it is a strange fact that a tong can grab everything, except itself. A tong is helpless about catching itself.

Your eyes see everyone, but not themselves. If you try to make your eyes see themselves, you will certainly fail. Yes! You can see your eyes in a mirror. But, in the mirror, you don't see your eyes; you see their reflections. Your eyes, and their reflections, are different things. Your eyes can see everyone. To see is a very easy thing. What can be easier for your eyes than to see? But the hardest thing for your eyes to do is to see themselves. Remember, you see only that which you don't have. You forget what you have. You forget it completely. We have belonged to ourselves since the beginning. It has never happened that we are not with ourselves; or that we forgot ourselves, since no one knows when.

The rich forget about their money. Only poor people remember money, because they don't have it. Ahealthy man forgets about his health. Only a sick man remembers good health, because he needs it. A healthy person never comes to know about his health. If someone knows about his health, then you should know that he is unhealthy. only an ill person is

conscious of his health; a healthy man is not. You forget what you have; you run after what you don't have. This is why we remember what we want, as long as we don't get it. It becomes worthless for you, when it is obtained. A man searches for riches, and gets them. He would think that after getting money he would get everything .But, upon getting wealth, he would get nothing. He would forget even his riches. You forget what you have. You have nothing greater than yourself. Nothing can be closer to you than yourself,not even your love, your house, or your money. It has never happened that you have separated from yourself, even for a moment. Therefore, it is very difficult to know, or to remember, yourself. And it difficult, because two (2) are required, to know; there are one who knows, and one who is understood. To know at least two are required.

As I can know you, there is a distance between you and me. We are two. You can know the Sun, and the Moon, because there is a distance between them. And there are two; this is because the knower and the known are different. But, in knowing yourself, there is the problem that you are both the knower and the known. This means that you are one; this is why it is the most difficult. How is this so?

As you are a lover and a loved one, then, you can understand the problem. If you are left alone in a room, and told that you are both a lover and a beloved; and you must give and receive love. You have been left alone in the room. Either you will become crazy, or you will shriek that you want to be

out of the game of love. Just as you get angry at loving yourself, so also is the question, “Who am I?” A man who sets out in search of this question, falls into troubles. There are not two; there is only one and that is the only one. He is just alone; he has to know and be known. He has to become a witness, and be witnessed. It is the most difficult thing to be a witness and be witnessed. This means that, at the same moment, I should be the subject and the object. How can I stand at two places, in one moment? If I become a knower, then nothing remains to be known. If I become that which is to be known, then no one remains to know.

So I said that this is the most-difficult question; and there is no question easier than this. A question that is both easy and difficult “About this question, it can be asked “can this be called easy or difficult? These two matters co-exist. And you will say that this doesn’t happen; how can these two opposite things co-exist. I tell you that those who don't know will say the same thing, and those who know will tell you in shock that, in this world, all opposite things occurred together. We have broken all the opposite things for our own convenience. The opposite things are not broken anywhere.

We say that the days and the nights are different. Where are they different? In which place are they different? What is the fixed line at which the days and the nights differ? The days become the nights, and the nights become the days. We differentiate between light and darkness. Who has said that? An unwise man might have said it. Between light and darkness, there is the difference of merely a degree. You say that birth

and death are different, but this is not true. Your birth becomes your death. Your death becomes your birth. Your birth and your death are not different, but the progress of one thing. Tell me, when does death come? Your birth becomes your death progressively. And those who know say that your death becomes your birth gradually. Birth and death are not two separate things; the illiterates have made them two entities.

Take the example of one more small thing “you believe that the hot and the cold are different. You are very-wrong. Do this-put one of your hands on some ice. Place your other hand near a fire, to warm it. Then, put your hands together in a pot full of water. Then, you will be surprised that your one hand will find the water warm, and your other hand will find it cold. The water is the same; it is present in the same vessel. Then, you will come to know that heat and coldness are the same thing; there is the difference of just a degree between them. In your life, wherever you see an opposition, it is not present there. In life, there is no opposition. If there is an opposition, your life will get very-complicated; this is why you break your life into pieces.

You differentiate between heat and coldness. We say that the good and the bad men differ. But this is not true. There is no difference between them. The worst people are connected to the best People. Like heat and coldness, the above people are two degrees of one thing. There are no limits, or distances, between them. There is only one thing spread between them. Two things are not there. There is neither a good spirit, nor a bad one. They are two

faces of one thing. But we have broken everything, and formed an artificial world. Due to this illusory world, an understanding is difficult. Therefore, I tell you that, whenever the real question of life arises, opposite things will be present together. Whereas, in reality, there is no opposite thing. But our understanding is very-limited, because of which we understand everything in pieces; this is why problems occur. As there is a large building with a small hole in it; and if you peep into that hole, you can’t see the entire building. First, you can see a small piece; then you can see a chair; then your eyes will move further. You will see a flower-pot. When your eyes will move ahead, you will see a picture. Then you will see something else. You broke the house into four pieces, and saw them. Due to this, your power of seeing became very limited. This room is only one entity; there are no four pieces. A man who walks into the room will say that the house is one thing; but you saw this in four pieces, because you are peeping from outside, and the power of your seeing is very limited. Therefore, you see everything in bits and pieces.  

Your scales of measurement are very small; your life is larger. If you take such a large life together, then you will be in a big trouble. If you understand badness and goodness together, then you will be in a big fix, because you consider the good and the bad as different. Then you are comfortable with them.

The self-made rules state that A can never become B, and B can never be A. A bigger lie than this was never told, in this world. Amatter more-